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Getting free from sexual addiction is about changing the way you see yourself and your addiction.

Freedom is here for you. Victory is yours.

This Boot Camp will walk you through a process to get it.

All you need to do is start today - and apply what you learn in each session.






What you'll need:

  • Quiet space
  • Printer (preferred)
  • If no printer, a journal or notepad will do
  • Pen or pencil



The eight video training sessions and self-directed exercise worksheets are on:

  • Restoring the Neurology of the Brain
  • Battling through Withdrawal
  • Dealing with Triggers
  • Identity in Christ
  • Breaking Shame
  • Satan’s Tactics
  • Understanding your Sexual Appetite
  • Healing from Trauma and Emotional Wounds 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Men and women struggling with pornography or any other harmful sexual behaviour will receive great benefit from this Boot Camp. About 80% of the teaching can apply to other addictions as well, but all of the language is focused on sexual addictions.

Plan for about an hour for each session.

The videos are 15-25 minutes long and are broken up into three sets. You will be instructed to stop at the end of each set to work through your exercise worksheets. If you want to do one set per day over three days, you can do that too.

There is an option to purchase one live coaching call per month (over the phone) as you work through the video sessions.

You can work through the Boot Camp by yourself, in a small group, or with a friend.

By the end of the Boot Camp, you’ll have an extremely good understanding of yourself and why you do the things you do. You’ll understand what drives your behaviour (sexual or otherwise) on a subconscious level, how things work in the spirit realm regarding temptation, how you are wired to have sexual desires that are unique to you so you can act on them healthily, and how to apply Biblical tools in your life to grow your relationship with God and be free from your sexual addiction.

We hope it doesn’t take that long. It is absolutely possible to get free from addiction from this Boot Camp, but that all depends on how well you apply what you learn - both while you’re working through it and then moving forward after you’re done.

It is important to note that even once you're not engaging in sexual activity, there is still a 2-5 year process to go through to have your brain rewired back to health. All of the habits you will establish through the Boot Camp help accelerate this process.

We want to give each person who registers the greatest chance at success. Online courses are typically easy to start, but have a low rate of completion. When there is a price attached, you are more likely to complete the course.

One counselling session usually costs around $180-$200 and we’ve received feedback that this course should be sold for over $300. The current price is affordable, yet is a big enough price to pay to increase your likelihood of committing to the end.

If you really are not able to pay for the Boot Camp, send us an email to let us know and we will help.

There is an action-based money-back guarantee.

In each session, there are worksheets with questions for you to answer. If you are not satisfied once you’re through all eight sessions, you can send pictures of all eight completed worksheets with a request for your money back to [email protected] and we will issue a refund.


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Your Bible-based Boot Camp will train you with powerful exercises to launch you into a life of freedom and victory over sexual temptation.

Matt Cline is the director of Restored Ministries. He has been speaking publicly on the issue of pornography and sexual temptation since 2014, as well as coaching 1-on-1, leading small groups, and organizing conferences addressing these issues.

He is passionate about seeing people live in victory and freedom in their lives.

He is trained as a coach and speaker through the John Maxwell Group and lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with his wife, Louise, and son, David.


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