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You have tried to get out of your sexual bondage for so long and you’re tired of the constant battle.


Pure Freedom Journey will show you a different, better way to overcome temptation.


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Sexual bondage has robbed you of the life you want. 

Have any of these been part of your story?


✅ Porn addiction

✅ Habitual masturbation

✅ Sexual abuse

✅ Chronic Fantasies

✅ Infidelity

✅ Other sexual perversion?

If yes, you’re qualified to experience God’s grace, personal support, and a life-change so extreme that others will be set free because of you.

 Pure Freedom Journey has been helping men break free from sexual bondage for more than three years through whole life transformations that improve relationships, confidence, sex lives, inner peace, and more.
You’ll learn from various Restored Ministries' coaches about how to:
🏆Rewire your brain
🏆Revive your relationships with God and others
🏆Respond to temptation with power
🏆Let your fantasies lead you to healing
🏆Engage in spiritual warfare with peace
🏆And so much more
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Cody Lake

Wolf Lake, Minnesota

"I didn’t think freedom from same-sex attraction was possible for me, but I also didn’t want the struggle. Since beginning my Pure Freedom Journey, I have experienced incredible freedom from sexual sin and my attraction has basically no power over me."

Graham Wiegner

Surrey, Canada

"For the first 18 years of my marriage I kept watching porn and visiting prostitutes. I was one man at home and another man when I was alone. It is so amazing to see the man I was then compared to now. God used Pure Freedom Journey to transform my life"

Jason Kopan

Beaumont, Alberta

"God used Pure Freedom Journey to save me from hell and divorce. I got to know the Lord in a new and profound way that has spilled over to my wife, our kids, their friends, and men in my church. I’ve been walking in freedom since the summer of 2020 3.5 years. God is the best and we storm the gates of hell!"

Jeff Staufer

Edmonton, Alberta

"I hid my porn use from my wife for over 20 years. My body was shutting down at 53 and I wrote goodbye letters to my kids. Once I confessed to my wife, I found Pure Freedom Journey and have never gone back to sexual sin. I also feel alive! Now my wife and I coach others to freedom in Christ."

 Luke Ferguson

Avoca, Iowa

"I kept going back to porn and having flashbacks of past sexual encounters that plagued me. My wife put her foot down. We couldn’t find good in-person counselling and eventually found Pure Freedom Journey. Through this, I learned tools that have helped me so much. Now, I’m free of porn and free in my mind. It’s just amazing."

Walter Perez

Edmonton, Alberta

"I found out my dad wasn’t my actual dad when I was 16 and I escaped into sexual sin. My addiction and eventual emotional affair both crushed my wife. I committed to do everything in Pure Freedom Journey. My heart truly got healed towards my step-dad and I’ve been free of porn and infidelity since February of 2022. Now, I get to lead others to that same freedom."


Ottawa, Canada

"Incest was part of my childhood. It messed me up. I pursued spiritual deliverance, but it never fully changed me. PFJ helped me think differently and renew mind. Because of this, I started growing so much immediately and now I’ve been free of sexual sin for longer than ever in my adult life. I owe a lot to Restored"


Toronto, Ontario

"My porn addiction deeply hurt my wife and we were separated for close to a year. In that time, Pure Freedom Journey was vital to help me gain victory and earn the trust of my wife. Now we’re back together and growing as a couple more than ever"

Meet Matt Cline

Matt Cline is the founder and director of Restored Ministries, focused on leading men and women out of sexual brokenness and into a life of freedom and impact.

Internationally known as a leading speaker and coach on Biblical sexuality, Matt has seen countless lives radically changed around the world. 

He created Pure Freedom Journey to help people get free of sexual bondage by learning true intimacy with God that touches and transforms every area of their lives. He is surrounded by a team of coaches who have all overcome their own battle with porn and sexual sin.

Matt is passionate about seeing people heal and walk free from their darkest sins, hurts, and experiences so they can be a living testimony of God's grace to others.

How many years have you spent thinking you'd beat this battle on your own?


The life God has for you is waiting.

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