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"I have partnered with Restored for a while. This ministry is committed to the truth of the gospel and to the hope and freedom that can be found in Jesus, regardless of the struggle."

Mauricio Rosa - Promise Keepers Canada
Freedom can be found

"The Boot Camp was extremely helpful. Not only is it rooted in Biblical truth and in emphasizing our identity in Christ and our need to grow closer to Him as the ultimate goal, but it also includes scientific research on how the brain works, which is extremely helpful in partnership with God's Word."

Jeremy S
Excellent Recovery Program!

"Value packed. Results focused. Benefits worth so much more than the money invested! The combination of the Boot Camp and Matt's one-on-one coaching are life-changing and liberating. "

David A
Worth the investment!

"I'm so glad my husband ran into Restored Ministries. We've been together for over 10 years and the coaching he's receiving is helping him gain control over his addiction for the first time. It is changing our whole marriage for the better."

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"Restored Ministries has shown me that it really is possible to live in complete freedom from pornography. I have found the strategies and game plan to be effective in my own life. "

Complete Freedom!

"As a pastor, I strongly endorse Restored Ministries as a ministry that can come alongside churches and individuals to help create and sustain a road-map to lifelong freedom for men struggling with pornography. Restored's teaching offers a perfect combination of inspiration and practicality. "

Pastor Daunavan Buyer - McKernan Baptist Church
I strongly endorse Restored Ministries

"The best message I've ever heard on pornography. "

Emerson Rawding - McLaurin Baptist Church

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From Matt Cline, Director of Restored Ministries

From time to time, people ask me this question: “Why did you start an organization focused on...that?” Sometimes it’s hard to even say the word ‘pornography,’ let alone admit that it’s a got a grip on us.

At 21 years old I was sick of my years-long battle with porn. One night I thought, “This has to stop by the time I’m married and if so, there has to be a last time. I’m done.” And I was. Cold turkey. Just like that. Finished.

Or so I thought...

Eight months went by before I even thought about porn again. Over two years later, I still hadn’t looked back until one night, it happened. I slipped. And so began another battle - and this time, it seemed the grip it had on me was stronger than ever. 

For two-and-a-half more years I prayed and prayed asking God for help and I couldn’t figure out why I just could not stop this addiction. Finally, God answered my prayer by telling me that He wanted to use me, but it wasn’t possible until I got free.

A journey of freedom began that night that was very different than the first time I had quit porn. God started teaching me what true intimacy with Him looks like. I began to learn that this incredible intimacy available to all of us would be the key to getting free from addiction - and staying free forever. God started showing me that Biblical tools I had heard of my whole life would be key to living in victory over porn once I learned how to apply them powerfully. This would launch me into living a life of purpose, impacting people, and advancing the Kingdom of God. I know that this can be true for you, too.

The truth is that we should be desperate to get addiction out of our lives, but it should never be the end goal. The intended goal of each of our lives is to be intimate with the One who made us so that we can learn to live the way we were created to. When we do that, destructive behaviour, sexual or otherwise, will fall by the wayside and you’ll suddenly find yourself living a life full of love, relationships, and freedom. Just as you were made to.

Do you need help today? Whether you need help yourself or you’re here to help someone in your life, take a look around the site and see how you can get involved today. I’m glad you’re here.

THIS IS ME TV documentary

As an NHL prospect, Matt was told by his agent, "You will get drafted." But after an unexpected injury put his hockey career on hold, Matt was left to try and understand who he was, and when, or if he could get back on the ice. During his pain and disappointment, God started drawing him into a deeper relationship with Him. That began a journey of recovery from an addiction to pornography, as well as hope and discovering who he was, and what he was meant for. Matt reminds us that our problems, failures, and even successes don't define who we are, God does.


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