Pure Freedom Journey is focused on more than just freedom from sin.

It's about learning who God says you are, prospering your soul, and learning to think like Christ.

Of course, we'll come up with a rock-solid battle plan to conquer sexual temptation, too. Pure Freedom Journey will set you up for a life of joy and purpose so your current sexual bondage can become a distant memory.

Pure Freedom Journey

Freedom To Impact 1-on-1 Coaching gets you hours of personal attention to make sure we walk you right into a life of freedom and impact.

You'll get 1-on-1 support from a trained coach, access to the Pure Freedom Journey (our premium program), group meetings, notes from each session, email support, and more.

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Your Cleansing Hour will unpack the suitcase of your life. 

It addresses all of the baggage that you're knowingly, or unknowingly, carrying around. You will feel lighter, loved, and full of hope by the end of your session. 

If you are feeling burdened, carrying secrets, or lacking hope, 

this will be a powerful time for you!

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Porneia Webinar Series

Look back at our ten-week webinar series. You can order any number of replays from the series, depending on your needs. There are webinars for those struggling with porn, spouses, accountability partners, and couples. Click the button below for more info.

Porneia Webinar Series
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Covenant Eyes

Protect yourself on all of your devices with Screen Accountability from Covenant Eyes. For your first 30 days free, use promo code RM30 or just click the button below.

Covenant Eyes accountability software

Restored Ministries has shown me that it really is possible to live in complete freedom from pornography.

I have found the strategies and game plan to be effective in my own life.

- Jordan


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