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PORNEIA is the Greek word used by Jesus to refer to all forms of sexual immorality.
Just like Jesus addressed PORNEIA 2,000 years ago, we are tackling it today.
 The Porneia Webinar Series will equip you to live a life free from sexual sin and full of impact in this world. In our hyper-sexualized world, we all have a role to play to stand firm, be an example, and make a difference.
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Why Sex Is For Marriage Only

Speaker: Matt Cline, Restored Ministries


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Healing The Heart

Speaker: Chris Frost, Strata Coach      


Session Info and Replay

Parenting in a Pornified World

Speakers: Marilyn Evans and Melody Bergman, Media Savvy Moms


Session Info and Replay

Taking Fantasies Captive

Speaker: Matt Cline, Restored Ministries


Session Info and Replay

Healthy Sex, Healthy Marriage

Speakers: Braden and Kristen Hafner, FamilyLife Canada


Session Info and Replay

 Powerful Accountability

Speaker: Sam Black, Covenant Eyes   


Session Info and Replay

A Wife's Response to a Porn-Addicted Husband

Speaker: Rosie MaKinney, Fight For Love Ministries


Session Info and Replay

 The Path Out Of Porn     

Speaker: Mark MaKinney, Resolve Therapy


Session Info and Replay

Getting Healthy, Not Just Sober

Speaker: Braden Hafner, FamilyLife Canada


Session Info and Replay

Finding Purpose After Porn

Speaker: Matt Cline, Restored Ministries


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Porneia Webinar Speakers

Braden and Kristen Hafner

Braden and Kristen are the directors of FamilyLife Canada in Alberta. They are devoted to helping couples thrive in every area of their lives. Braden is also the co-host of the Pure Victory Podcast focused on overcoming porn addictions.

Oct 31 - Healthy Sex, Healthy Marriage

Nov 28 - Getting Healthy, Not Just Sober

Matt Cline

Matt leads Restored Ministries, dedicated to helping men and women get free from damaging sexual behaviour. His programs have equipped thousands of men and women around the world to move from porn addiction to a life of freedom and impact.

Oct 3 - Why Sex Is For Marriage Only

Oct 24 - Taking Fantasies Captive

Dec 5 - Finding Purpose After Porn

Sam Black

Sam Black is the vice-president of Covenant Eyes, a world leader in building accountability software to protect individuals and families from internet porn. He is a sought after leader for equipping porn-consumers to build solid communities of support around them.

Nov 7 - Powerful Accountability

Rosie MaKinney

Rosie founded Fight For Love Ministries. She powerfully helps women respond to their husband's porn use in a way that's beneficial for the long-term health of both parties in the marriage. You can find her book, "Fight For Love" anywhere books are sold.

Nov 14 - A Wife's Response To A Porn-Addicted Husband

Mark MaKinney

Mark is a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist who applies Biblical truths to his practice to help his clients get free from all forms of sexual addictions. He has spent years specializing on sexual addiction recovery and has helped many individuals get totally free for good.

Nov 21 - The Path Out Of Porn

Chris Frost

Chris is the founder of Strata Coach. He leads people beyond behavioural change by reaching the heart for true transformation. He has helped hundreds of Christian leaders around the world create lasting change in the lives of those they influence.

Oct 10 - Healing The Heart

Marilyn Evans

Marilyn co-founded Parents Aware to help parents have open, non-shaming communication with their kids about pornography and healthy sexuality. She is also a Parenting Coach and co-host of the Media Savvy Moms Podcast.

Oct 17 - Parenting In A Pornified World 

Melody Bergman

Melody is the co-host of the Media Savvy Moms Podcast, focused on how to talk to kids and teens about porn and healthy sexuality. She is also an instructor at Defend Yourself Virginia and facilitator for the Virginia Alliance on Sexual Exploitation.

Oct 17 - Parenting In A Pornified World

Frequently Asked Questions

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All webinars will be hosted on Zoom. You will receive a link to the webinar in your email four days prior to the session.

Each webinar will be around an hour with the number of participant questions impacting the exact length of the session.

Yes, you can ask questions throughout each webinar. Our moderator will forward the questions to the speaker. No other participant will see who is asking the questions.

We recommend men and women who are 16 years old or older participate in the webinar series.


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