We would love to serve you as an individual or as a group of people in whichever way best caters to your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.


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Victory Conference

Our annual fall conference hosted in Edmonton, Alberta is a full-day geared towards equipping people to be free from sexual temptation, and equipping those already free to help others do the same. We have a variety of topics and speakers, prayer ministry, and time for Q&A. This is for men and women over the age of 16.


Legacy Days

Your church or organization can request to host a Legacy Day. This is a day put on in partnership with Promise Keepers Canada. We focus on training and equipping men on how living out God's vision for their lives. This includes understanding God's design for sexuality, how to prosper as husbands and fathers, and what it looks like to live out God's purpose for our each one of us.

Parenting Through Porn

How can parents effectively support their child both before and after exposure to porn? How can we inspire our kids towards purity? How do we create openness in our homes? We'll walk through these questions and much more in this workshop for parents of all ages.

Youth Nights

Want to protect your young people? We will come educate your Jr Highs and High School students in a very positive, non-graphic way. They will learn the damaging effects of porn, how God's design for sex applies to teenagers, and how to stay free from addiction even when all their friends are giving in.  

Is your sexual behaviour out of control? Invest in yourself by committing money and time to get free from your addiction for good. Sign up for this self-directed online Boot Camp and get started today. 

The eight video training sessions and self-directed exercise worksheets involved in this Boot Camp touch on:

  • Restoring the Neurology of the Brain

  • Battling through Withdrawal

  • Dealing with Triggers

  • Identity in Christ

  • Breaking Shame

  • Satan’s Tactics

  • Understanding your Sexual Appetite

  • Healing from Trauma and Emotional Wounds