Let's make your church a porn-free zone!

Your job is hard. You can't help everyone with everything - even when you want to. 

Getting your people porn-free is what God has called and equipped us to do.

Hear from Restored Ministries founder, Matt Cline, on what Restored can offer you and your church.

Here's what pastors are saying after using Restored resources in their churches:

"As a pastor, I strongly endorse Restored Ministries as a ministry that can come alongside churches and individuals to help create and sustain a road-map to lifelong freedom for men and women struggling with pornography. Restored's teaching offers a perfect combination of inspiration and practicality."

-Pastor Daunavan Buyer
McKernan Baptist Church


"I have partnered with Restored for a while.
This ministry is committed to the truth
of the gospel and to the hope and freedom that can be found in Jesus, regardless of the struggle."


-Mauricio Rosa
Promise Keepers Canada


1) Online Boot Camp (8 weeks)

                                                                                        *Perfect for groups in your church

Your men and women can work through the Boot Camp in groups. They'll experience transformation and freedom together as they go deep in understanding why they've been stuck in sexual sin, how they can get free, and who they were really made to be in Christ.

We recommend having at least one leader of every group that has conquered sexual sin. If you need us to provide that leader, we have excellent, trained leaders ready to facilitate your church's groups for you. If you have somebody in your church ready to lead, we're big fans of that too!

Once you purchase your Boot Camp access for your church, you can use it on repeat forever.


67-year old Boot Camp member:

"This is PHD-level stuff! After over 50 years addicted to porn, I've been porn-free for months and am feeling love for my wife again."

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2) Pure Freedom Journey (52 weeks)

                                    *Perfect for you to recommend to individuals in your church
                                            **A powerful follow-up for Boot Camp group members


Pure Freedom Journey is comprehensive and biblically-based, guiding people out of sexual brokenness and into wholeness in Christ.

There are 52 weeks of training videos, weekly Zoom/FB Live calls, a private FB community, weekly small group meetings, leadership opportunities, and many more bonus trainings and interviews with experts.

PFJ is about more than just porn-freedom. It's about discipling each member into a powerful, spirit-led believer who's conquered sin and is powerfully advancing the kingdom of God through intimacy with Jesus.


Jason Kopan, Pure Freedom Journey member:

"Instead of just trying to not watch porn, I've fallen in love with God in a new way so now I don't even want to go to porn."

Learn more about Pure Freedom Journey

3) Leadership Development

                           *Perfect for people in your church desiring to make an impact


We really believe it's important for every group to be led or facilitated by someone who is an example of freedom. Men and women addicted to sexual vices are often so defeated, so they need to see an example of victory with their very own eyes.

When that person living in freedom is trained in how to lead effectively, it's so powerful.

We will train people with freedom and a passion to serve in your church on how they can effectively lead others out of sexual sin. We offer two coaching calls and ongoing email support for those leading groups in your church. This way, the standard stays high and people really do get free.



One of our trained leaders:

"God is making something out of my past that is bringing glory to His name and restoring marriages and people to what He has designed. It’s a miracle! In no way did He need me to sin, but He is able to use me in spite of sinning!"

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4) Workshops

                                                                                                    *In-person or Over Zoom

You can request a workshop on any related topic. We will work with you to make sure we tackle the needs you see in your church.

Some of the topics we cover are:

  • The 'Trying' Trap: Stop Trying to Just Quit Sin and Start Training Yourself in Godliness Instead
  • Parenting in a Pornified World
  • Youth Nights
  • Crushing Fantasies
  • Eliminating Shame
  • Trauma Recovery: Principle-Focused vs Event-Focused


Stat (Barna Group: The Porn Phenomenon study):

 Just 7% of churches have programs giving support to porn addicts in their church.

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5) Staff Training

                                                                                                    *In-person or Over Zoom


Having your lead team be informed on the greatest sexual epidemic the church has ever faced is so, so important.

You can bring a Restored team member in to equip your staff in understanding sexual addiction. They'll come away knowing exactly what to do when somebody opens up about sexual addictions in their offices.


Christian apologist and author, Josh McDowell:

"There's never been anything in history that has destroyed more churches, more pastors, more marriages, and more young people, than pornography. As Chuck Swindoll said, 'It's the greatest cancer in the church."

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