About Restored Ministries

Matt lives in Edmonton with his wife, Louise. He is a certified John Maxwell Team coach and speaker. Since 2014, he has been speaking publicly to churches, schools and sports teams about pornography as well as coaching men to freedom privately or in small group settings. 
Prior to Restored Ministries, he co-founded a non-profit movement called Ladiesman, received ministry training through Gateway Family Church (GSS) and played hockey in the WHL and for Hockey Canada. He is passionate about his faith, his family, seeing people set free from bondage, and playing the occasional round of golf.
*Restored Ministries works in conjunction with a number of different ministries, churches and leaders who share a passion in seeing men set free from pornography and other unhealthy sexual behaviours. There is an Advisory Team of Christian leaders who are sought out for counsel on all ministry activities.‚Äč
*Our parent ministry, The Great Commission Foundation, ensures that all of the Restored Ministries' activities are in alignment with CRA regulations.

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